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Hi, I'm Matt: high-school senior, web and software developer, artist, bilingual dual national, among other things.

I'm soon to be an incoming freshman at [insert university here] (fingers crossed that this will say UC San Diego). I run The Farer Group and develop open-source software with an emphasis on accessibility.

When I'm not programming or studying, I'm doodling or taking pictures, watching Formula One, or writing about something techy.

TL;DR about Me

I'm from San Diego, USA and have spent the girth of my life down here. Unlike the locals, I'm fine with the heat. Since I was a youngin, I've seen technology evolve: from dial-up Internet to the "fast Internet" I have now, from my Moto flip-phone to smartphones; it's given me the privilege to be able to say "Back in my day" and it still be honest.

I started programming in 2015-ish and have had a blast. I knew pretty early on that this was an avenue that I wanted to go down in the future. I've applied to UC San Diego as my first pick for computer engineering, with the fallback being the SDCCD to transfer to UC San Diego or to EPFL to obtain a master's. After my degree, I hope to work as a full-stack or hardware engineer somewhere in the world (ideally in the US or in the Schengen area).


Python and Ruby were languages that I picked up pretty quickly and fueled my passion to dig deeper. I've since narrowed my focus to Golang and Node.js: one is exciting and nice, and the other is a glorified Python replacement. I hope to learn Rust and Objective-C in the future. Anything I develop that's public is likely on GitHub or Farer's Git server.

Photography and art

I've always enjoyed doodling, but in 2021 I decided to take a deep dive into refining the craft and having fun with it more often. I usually use a Staedtler set or my rOtring mechanical pencil for sketches, and love using POSCA and Sakura pens. Photography has taken a backseat approach comparatively. Anything I draw that's public is on DeviantArt or my sketchbook, with my photos being in my photobook.