Salut! 👋

My name's Matt Ronchetto (I go by ドアマット or doamatto on the Internet) and I'm a high school student with plans to study computer engineering. Outside of school, I run The Farer Group with Daniel and develop and design open-source software, with an emphasis on ethical development and accessibility.
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I spend my free time listening to music of just about every genre and drawing people and scenery. I participate in a handful of clubs and programs like SRHS' peer tutoring program, Inkjar, and SRHS' Hack Club chapter. I plan to attend a school either in the Pacific/Mountain region of the U.S., abroad as an Erasmus student in Ireland or France, or in the ETH Domain.
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Outside of my hobbies, I've enjoyed watching Formula One races and playing story-rich games with phenomenal soundtracks; some of my favourites being the Life is Strange and Portal series, Necrobarista, Coffee Talk, and VA-11 HALL-A.


I've messed around with software and programming since 2015 or so; starting off with Python and Ruby on Rails. Since then, I've focused my work into Golang and Dart. I plan to dig deeper into Swift, Objective-C, and MATLAB in the near-ish future. Anything I develop that's public is likely on GitHub.

This website

This site was designed to work with screen readers and follow RGAA standards and guidelines. Both of these aid me personally, and only made sense to be strict requirements for this site. I use the Zola site generator to build this site and Caddy to serve its contents.