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Matthew Ronchetto


My name is Matthew Ronchetto and I’m a high school student with plans to study computer engineering. Outside of school, I run The Farer Group with Daniel and develop and design open-source software, with an emphasis on ethical development and accessibility.
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I hold have leadership positions in a handful of clubs and programs like Inkjar, Production Crew, and Astronomy Club. I plan to attend a school either at UC San Diego or abroad at Université Grenoble Alpes or in the ETH Domain.

I’ve messed around with software and programming since 2015 or so; starting off with Python and Ruby on Rails. Since, I’ve focused my work into Golang and Node. I plan to dig deeper into Rust and Objective-C in the future. Anything I develop that’s public is likely on GitHub.

Outside of programming, I enjoy watching Formula One races and playing story-rich games with phenomenal soundtracks; some of my favourites being the Portal series, Necrobarista, Coffee Talk, and VA-11 HALL-A. I spend my free time listening to music of just about every genre and drawing people and scenery.

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