Scripps Ranch HS — Graduation of 2022

To the Falcon families who may have missed the graduation livestream, you can still watch it on demand.

Creating an Intranet like the Internet

Some people self-host music. I'm trying to self-host my own Internet.

Florence: the Short Masterpiece that Goes Past a Love Story

A short, breathtaking story, complemented amazingly with gorgeous music compositions.

Making RSS and Buttondown best friends forever

Using software written in a couple of hours, you too can wed RSS and Buttondown for an eternal marriage. Or until one gives out.

Moving from AWS to 1984 Hosting

This was a rollercoaster of a journey just to make my site absurdly purple.

HTTPS on Plex— What a Rollercoaster

After about 3 hours, I setup a custom HTTPS on Plex purely so I don't have to look at that stupid red padlock.

Apple's March Event: Mac Studio and Co.

Last iteration of M1 + new Mac and display + other minor things.

The (Rotting, Dying) Internet

The Internet was dope. Now it's rotting.

Year of the Tiger: A New Year, A Fresh Coat of Paint

A small update to the website as a whole for the new year.


Maintaining a Gulp Plugin: ESLint

Why struggle with someone else's package when you can struggle with your own!

Apple's October Event: A Huge Day for the Mac

New AirPods and M1 chips. Refreshed Macbook Pro.

Nano— My First Jekyll Theme

A Jekyll-based website template that just works. My « entry » into development

Electronics are following the wrong law

Software is lagging behind hardware, and it's showing.

I don't know why we still have DRM.

DRM ultimately harms consumers who try to use what they buy.

Why analytics are a niche tool that isn't for everyone

I used analytics for about a month, then stopped because it was futile.

Windows 11: So good, yet so bad.

Windows 11 just got announced; it's got a lot going for it, yet it's also so terrible.

I kinda, sorta forgot my love for the arts

I've loved messing around with graphics and cinematography; but I fell out of touch with it.

Mobile apps are... interesting

Mobile apps followed desktop apps going from bad to worse.

Vive La Feed Readers

Screw social media feeds with ads: RSS or Bust.

A hole in Exchange: a bug yet to be fixed by IT

tl;dr: We really need to update our mail servers.

How I Design and Build Websites

I've gone through so many good and bad tools; here's the 411 of how I get it all done and dusted.

Making Gitcord

A bot that allows users to search repositories via GitHub's API


Most car manufactuers have in-car displays that are bad. I want to change that.


Static Spotify Widgets

Static widgets are way better than several kilobytes to load a stupid tweet.