Florence: the Short Masterpiece that Goes Past a Love Story

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Florence and Krish, the main characters of Florence, kissing.

For some reason, in the most stressful part for school right now, I'm suspiciously calm. I have my SAT very soon, an AP portfolio due in a week or so, a college portfolio to consider doing in the first place, et al. et al. Yet somehow, my mind said the best choice is to start playing games that I already played, but this time write about it. Why? Who knows.

However, I, at least on day zero at hour 1 or so, decided to start up Florence, an indie game from one of my favourite publishers, Annapurna. I originally got the game after enjoying another Annapurna game and deciding to visit other titles from the publisher. There were really two reasons I wanted to re-visit Florence:

  1. It's a short game that I know I'd enjoyed in the past; and:
  2. I had planned to re-play it in the near future and now had the valid excuse to.

Sadly, requires a controller#

This is a small problem that I remember having an issue with on one of the bubble mini games on Windows where mouse input wouldn't be recognised right away until after the first round. This is a non-issue on platforms with touch or controllers like iOS and the Switch, both of which that I've enjoyed the game on as well. On macOS, however, it seemed to just simply not work probably 90% of the time. With or without input monitoring enabled, the issue persisted through almost every "mouse" mini-game. It was a good thing that I had a controller that works on macOS just fine, but it's still a detail to mention, and an unfortunate one at that.

If you decide you want to spoil parts of the game for yourself, or see what I omitted from this review, you can view or download my sloppy notes. Forewarning for profanity: I don't think I used any, but I'm too lazy to double-check; so consider this your "don't let little Bobby see this!" warning.

Florence is published by Annapurna Interactive and available at:

This was both used as a testing ground to test images on my site and as a legitmate testing of if I'd review games here and there that I really enjoy. The answer to that so far is: "I have no clue." So, who even knows what I'll do next.