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Year of the Tiger: A New Year, A Fresh Coat of Paint

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It surprises a few that I celebrate Lunar New Year to some degree. Far from the levels of those in mainland China or even people in the heart of San Diego, but still a little celebration nevertheless. I watch the parade and integrate a concerning amount of red into my life for the celebration period. It seemed fitting to give this site a fresh coat of paint to kick-off the new year on the right foot.

Essential holiday theming#

Using a Pantone red and yellow, I changed links from being purple and white/black to red and yellow. I actually really liked the yellow in place of the white/black and decided to roll it out year-round now. The red will eventually get replaced back to the purple, but I did enjoy having red in my colour scheme again (I used to use it back in 2019, but went to more of a lavender since I like the colour a bit more). Honestly, I've debated gutting the colour of the navigation links altogether since that's the only place you'd see links coloured like that.

No more projects feed.#

I'm not bringing this site to a dedicated blog; not now, and likely not anytime soon. However, I did bring it to a more "front-and-centre" position on the site. Now, projects are replaced with the Work page, with redirects (hopefully) pointing there. Any of the past project pages will still exist to prevent linkrot, but I don't plan to add new pages to the /projects directory.

The new Work page is a simple Markdown list inspired by the similar timeline on Daniel's website and it ultimately made me want to make a better CV than just my Linkedin.

A dedicated HTML-based CV#

My CV now exists. I actually didn't use one when applying for my first job since.. well.. I had no experience at all. But, since I now have accomplishments to brag about and what not, it seemed all to fitting to add a dedicated page for such. Just about everything on the page is copied from my Linkedin page, but goes into better detail of what I did at each position, sans my retail work (there just isn't much to expound on the job title).

One of the bits I'm really proud about, however, is that, when printing the CV, a print-friendly version is created. Nice margins, bold and large text to make it easily readable, just the right amount of padding. It all adds up to compose a genuinely well-made experience for myself and employers to print out copies of my CV.

Minor changes#

Overall, I took the new year to better this site and set some goals for the year to come. Nothing crazy, but hopes can be had nevertheless.