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PrivacySpy Crawler

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If you're seeing this, you're probably following the user agent from your web server that had a link to this page. The crawler that hit your site is an unofficial web crawler for PrivacySpy that makes automated GitHub issues for when a privacy policy may need to have its score updated. You can see the bot's source code on GitHub.

Opt-out of site crawling

You can use a robots.txt file to block the bot's user agent. It's highly encouraged to not, however, as it means privacy policies will have to be manually checked for updates to adjust your score.

My site doesn't have a privacy policy

You can create a pull request removing your website from the products/ folder. Once that change is made, the bot should stop crawling your website permanently. It's encouraged to do this instead of opting out, if applicable, as it helps the bot get through more policies faster.