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French Ministry of Education bans Office 365 and Google Workspace in public schools


Article: Valentin Cimino @ SiecleDigital (in French / en Français)

The French Ministry of Education is saying no to Office 365 and Google Workspace for public schools. Pap Ndiaye, minister of national education, said that both aren't comaptible with the GDPR ("ne sont ni compatibles avec le RGPD"). The CNIL, the data privacy authority in France, has agreed and recommends that public school use software hosted in the E.U. and that do not share data with the U.S. ("qui hébergent les données au sein de l'Union européenne et ne les transfèrent pas vers les États-Unis").

France isn't the first to do this, Germany did so back in 2019 with Office 365. On-premises software like Microsoft's desktop suite is a-okay.