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Broadcom bought VMware; EU investigation underway


Press release from VMWare Article: Antoine Messina @ SiecleDigital (in French / en Français)

Broadcom has spent ~61 billion USD on acquiring VMware. VMware and Broadcom hope to offer "more choice and flexibility" in the aspects of their applications in data centres and at the edge. This purchase is being looked over by the EU Commission after their past purchase of CA Technologies and Symantec for 19 and 10,7 billion USD. The commissions fears are of less comeptition for network cards, HBA FC controllers, and storage adapters ("puisse permettre à Broadcom de restreindre la concurrence sur le marché des cartes réseau, des contrôleurs HBA FC et des adaptateurs de stockage").

It's been a minute since I've used VMware's software, to be honest. I use UTM on my Mac and used to use VirtualBox on Windows before moving to Hyper-V. I have little place for opinion here.