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Japan to restart nuclear energy plans


Article: Associated Press via NPR

After the Fukushima disaster (wikipedia, for reference), Japan had plans to phase out the remaining nuclear power in Japan. AP reported today that Japan will now not only develop new reactors but will maximise current reactors and continue operating their oldest beyond a 60-year limit. Takeo Kikkawa says that "extending reactors' lifespans is an undesirable move."

Most people are well aware of how France uses almost entirely nuclear power (followed by wind and natural gas). And, although I'm not keen on having to take iodine pills if one of these facilities were to go kaput and I happened to be in the vague area of it, it's been a stable source since the 1990s.

As for Japan, though, it would be like vouching to put more reactors here in San Diego or throughout California. We very much could, and we very much have (shoutout the San Onofre Boobs/SONGS one time). But, it's no secret that California is well known for its earthquakes. It might as well be synonymous. Just like Japan is synonymous with tsunamis. A repeat of Fukushima is something that can happen, just like a repeat of the 1906 shake in San Francisco.

California has since implemented a metric crap ton of building regulations to mitigate as much damage as viable. Hell, the schools in my district are built to the same earthquake standard as a government or hospital.