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Overture Maps Foundation forms with Microsoft, AWS, et al. as members



Article: Benjamin Terrasson @ SiecleDigital (in French / en Français)

The Linux Foundation, alongside Meta, Microsoft, AWS, and TomTom, have formed Overture Maps to develop interoperable and open cartographic tools. Overture plans to release its data set of basic road and building information in the first half of 2023, expanding to navigation, 3D models in the future, et al.

OpenStreetMaps is alright, and will likely join the effort to help create this database. I enjoy using Apple Maps, but the fact that its cycling maps are US-exclusive and parts of its transport data is flat-out wrong to the point that I need to keep an app for the public transit authorities in San Diego makes it blow. And Google Maps is so slow on my iPhone (for whatever reason) and generally unpleasant to use; never mind the privacy issues. I'm excited to see where Overture goes over the coming years.